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Tigh Mary Donal's, Killarney

Named in her honour by her son Pat & family.

Born in 1936, Mary Clifford hailed from Carragh Bridge in Glenbeigh. Known locally as Mary Donal, she made her mark in the community. At sixteen, she left for Queens and The Bronx in New York. Mary worked three jobs—cleaning, waitressing, and tending bar—for six years, immersing herself in the hospitality industry.

During a holiday home at twenty-two, Mary’s plan to announce an American engagement took a turn when she met Denis Sheahan. They built a life together, raising ten children, nine sons, and daughter Kathleen.

Mary’s daily life involved hard work, starting at 6 am with chores and then at the family shop, where warmth and respect defined her interactions. In 1961 the Butcher Shop became a General Store to provide for the wider community. For the store to succeed, Mary needed to secure a local farm for £2000 Punts in 1960.

To earn this money Mary returned to America, reluctantly leaving her young family behind and worked tirelessly for months until she returned and bought the farm. Over the years she created a welcoming focal point for the community in the family shop.

On a visit to Queens, at the age of 62 Mary passed away. Mary Donal was a phenomenal businesswoman, mother, and a beacon of kindness, a woman whose likes may never be seen again. “Ni Bheìdh a Leitheid arìs ann.”

Sláinte to Mary!